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  • Enjoy hours of fun with a game of Bendominoes
  • Take a modern spin on a classic game - dominoes
  • Best for 2-4 players aged 5 and up
  • Great game for the whole family, home or away
  • Ideal for fans of the classic dominoes
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Are you a fan of dominoes? Well, here is something for you but with a little difference. Bendomino is a strategy game similar to regular dominoes, but their curved design gives you much more control over the game.

How does it work?

Bendomino is played in rounds and on each round the pieces are faced down, players then draw their hand with the remaining pieces represent the stock. Each player involved will have to try and match a Bendomino by number to either end of the Bendomino chain. A round will end when a player has no Bendominoes left to play or the stock is empty.

How to win..

To win a round you need to play all of your pieces, or no pieces can be played by any player. 

Bendominoes is a fantastic family fun game, where every member can get involved! But best if your aged 5 and up. Works well with 2-4 players.