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Who's in the Bag?

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  • Have a little fun with Who's in the Bag? 
  • Divide into teams and in turn identify as many characters as possible
  • Act, sing, impersonate or even describe the personality - but don't say the name
  • Contains timer and blank cards for new characters
  • Suitable for 4 or more players ages 8 and up
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Who's in the Bag is an incredibly popular game that test your skills at verbal charades.

So what's it all about?

The aim of the game is simple, each team in turn has to identify as many famous characters on the cards as possible in within the time frame.

What's included?

A timer and blanks to create your own special characters.

If the team guess the identity of the character correctly they keep the card and draw another from the bag. You can act, sing, impersonate, mime or describe the personality –just don’t mention the name!  If you do, the go is forfeited and the bag passes to the next team. Once the bag is empty the team with the most cards wins.

This game is for 4 or more players and suitable for ages 8 and up.