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Plane Cat Toy Playhouse

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  • Flat-packed folded printed cat play house for your beloved feline friend
  • Fold it yourself - (your kitty may need some assistance); no glueing required
  • Assembled cardboard product dimensions 590 x 440 x 231 mm
  • Also comes in a fire engine, "catillac" and tank cardboard playhouse
  • Perfect for cats and cat lovers everywhere!
Plane Cat Toy Playhouse
Plane Cat Toy Playhouse Plane Cat Toy Playhouse 1
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Cats are funny creatures - they think they're the centre of the universe and love tucking themselves into tight places, particularly cardboard boxes! So what a perfect present for your pampered puss than this Cat Play House in the shape of a an Aeroplane!

The fire engine arrives flat-packed and is easy to assemble. It is suited to smaller, younger and more agile cats - your old moggy that is more couch potato than prowling feline may find it a tad tiresome. However it's a perfect hidey house for playful kittens, giving hours of entertainment. It even has a spinning propeller so you can join in too.

The Cat Playhouse also comes in a plane, "catillac" and tank which begs the question - "What type is your kitty - pilot, fireman or tank commander??"  Ok you may find this naffer than all those videos of cats falling off tellies as seen on even naffer TV programmes, however shouldn't your "Tiddles" be the judge?