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Plop Trumps Extreme Card Game

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  • Find out what the strongest poo is with Extreme Plop Trumps
  • Hilarious toilet humour version of the classic Top Trumps game
  • Includes scientfic facts and high quality images of a variety of animal poo
  • Play against a friend to find out who the King of the Turd is!
  • Great fun for all ages and comes with a metallic carry case
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What is more potent Blue Whale poo or a House Fly poo? Surely, this is the question that has left the whole world guessing, but luckily with this Extreme Plop Trumps game you will be able to find out all the stats and figures for any animal poo you can think of. We're not talking crap...we swear!

This hilarious spin on the classic Top Trumps style game includes scientific facts and high quality images of some of the most extreme animal poo's known to man. It's perfect for kids of all ages and can be played with the original Plop Trumps too. Find out what the smallest, biggest, smelliest and strongest animal poo known to man is with 52 individual detailed photo fact cards. Play against a friend to find out who truly is the King of Turd! 

This extreme Plop Trumps game comes in an Original Handy metal carry case, so you can take your Plop Trumps with you wherever you go.