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Pokibot - Mini Interactive Robot

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  • Robot with a happy, illuminated face
  • Completely portable with strap hole (strap not included)
  • Interacts with other Pokibots
  • Moves, spins, dances, and reacts to sounds
  • Lets you record and playback voice clips
  • Store up to three voice clips
  • Free to download iOS and Android app
  • Comes in 6 brilliant colours
  • Requires 1 x AAA battery (not included)
  • Measures 9 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm
Pokibot the Portable Robot , green, white and blue
Silverlit POKIBOT Demo Pokibot the Portable Robot , green, white and blue Pokibot the Portable Robot , white and orange Pokibot the Portable Robot  packaging Pokibot  - Mini Interactive Robot group shop
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There’s no fun in having a robot if all you can do is watch it. You want to interact with it so you can start building a bond and keeping human/robot relations good! Well, that’s completely possible when it comes to the Pokibot!

This robot is small and portable, meaning that you can take it anywhere you like. The Pokibot has two main actions, which are ‘move forward’ and ‘spin’. But, you can do an awful lot with those two actions. Clap your hands and the Pokibot will react with some movement, or put on some music and have the Pokibot spin like a ‘50s swing-dancer. Or, if you get your robot a Pokibot friend, they’ll interact with each other (plus, they won’t be lonely while you’re out of the house!). The Pokibot can also record and playback voice clips, but in an ultra… robotronic… voice!

With a hole for a carry strap, you’ll be able to take your robot friend out and about with you. And, if you have an iOS or Android (Pokibot’s favourite) device, you can get an app that’ll make interacting with your robot even more exciting!

This brilliant robot comes in 6 colours (tasty purple, light cream, icy blue, juicy orange, acid green, and space white) which are despatched at random, so unfortunately you can’t choose which colour you get. But, very fortunately, they’re all amazing! So, you’re sure to be thrilled with whichever colour Pokibot turns up on your doorstep!

It’s important that robots and humans start hanging out now… you know, for a united and peaceful future. So, to make an awesome new robot friend, order your Pokibot today!