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Polaroid Play 3D Pen Filament 20-Pack

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  • Polaroid Play 3D Pen Filament 20-pack – refilament awaits!
  • 20 awesome colours
  • Each 15g pack gives half an hour of continuous drawing
  • Designed for Polaroid Play 3D Pen
  • Can be used with a variety of 3D PLA pens
  • Measures approx. 25cm x 13cm x 8cm
Polaroid Play 3D Pen Filament 20 Pack 1
Polaroid Play 3D Pen - TV Advert - Create Your Fun! Polaroid Play 3D Pen Filament 20 Pack 1 Polaroid Play 3D Pen Filament 20 Pack 2
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The true artist is always in search of inspiration, and when you’re busy creating masterpieces you’ll find very quickly that you’ll work through whatever supply you have of your crafting material. The Polaroid Play 3D Pen is no exception: if you’ve been enjoying it, you’ll have likely worked through a heck of a lot of the filament it uses by now. That’s where this handy refill 20-pack of filament comes in.

Containing twenty 15-gram (or five metre) PLA plastic filament packs, this pack allows you to keep using your Polaroid Play 3D Pen (or any other 3D pens of its calibre), and drawing awesome designs in 3D. The filament is standard 1.75mm diameter filament, made from bio-compostable corn-starch plastic, making it environmentally friendly to use.

Keep drawing and designing, with this awesome refill pack.