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Professor Pengelly's Magnetic Poo Putty

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  • Magnetic putty of a rich brown colour
  • Resembles biological waste – alright, fine, it looks like poo
  • Can be moulded, sculpted and shaped however you like
  • Perfect pranking putty
  • Contains approx. 88g of putty
Professor Pengelly's Magnetic Poo Putty 1
Professor Pengelly's Magnetic Poo Putty 1 Professor Pengelly's Magnetic Poo Putty 2 Professor Pengelly's Magnetic Poo Putty 3
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Professor Pengelly presents putty that appears to provide a poo-tastic plaything. All the ‘p’ words aside, this is a brilliant putty, perfect for moulding, meshing, mashing and generally making a mess with. And it’s magnetic too!

Coloured to resemble a certain biological waste product (alright fine, it looks like poo, there, we said it), this putty is magnetic, allowing it to stick to fridges and other magnetic metals – and if you want to stick poo putty to your fridge, its entirely your business. The magnetic side of it adds to the already impressive capabilities of this putty, which is mouldable and easily sculpted into a variety of shapes, perfect for making poo-coloured statuettes, poo-coloured shapes and… well, generally poo coloured stuff.

For a poo product (which isn’t poo in quality, if you catch our drift), you can’t go far wrong with this magnetic putty.  

Please note: Magnet not included.