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QI XL Board Game

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  • Test your general ignorance with this Q.I board game
  • It's a game version of the classic BBC TV quiz show
  • Take a question card and answer correctly to work your way up the board
  • Answer incorrectly and you will hear the dreaded Q.I. buzzer
  • Suitable for 3-6 players and ages 12 and above
QI XL Board Game
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What did we eat 173 times in 2006? Who or what are Dunk, Mya and Mary? What is the word for the part of the play where the plot thickens? Uncover the answers to these and test your knowledge with this official Q.I. Board Game. This XL edition also features a bonus 1000 new questions.

Based on the massively successful BBC quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry, this Q.I. board game is sure to be a family favourite with all viewers of the TV game show that has been entertaining our living rooms since 2008. Q.I. is renowned for it's difficult questions and making you think that the answer is obvious and this board game is no exception to this. You will think you know the answer to each question, but be careful as the answer may not be as straight forward as you think! With each question you answer correctly you will move forward a space, but get the question wrong and you could hear the sound of the dreaded klaxon, which means you have to move back a space. 

This game is for 3-6 players and suitable for ages 12 and above. The Q.I. board game includes a range of counters, three die, a Q.I. board, question cards and the ominious Q.I. buzzer.