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R/C Wall Climber

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  • Gravity defying RC car which can climb walls
  • Uses suction technology to stick to any given surface
  • Can travel along the floor, wall, ceiling, window & even mirror
  • Increase your speed if the car begins to flash
  • Includes an infa-red remote control
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Ever seen an R/C car scale a wall and still be able to drive along the floor at top speeds? Well stare in amazement at this RC Wall Climber Car, which literally defies gravity with its stomach churning ability to escalate extreme heights. 

Thanks to it's amazing suction design you can place it on a wall and watch it go where no R/C car has gone before -  towards the ceiling! The wall climber can scale walls, grip to ceilings, zoom across windows and even mirrors. All you have to do is make sure you maintain an appropriate speed, as if you're not going fast enough the car's lights will flash and an alarm will sound warning you to press on the accelerator. 

It comes with a hand held remote control which works using infa-red technology, which means no wires!

Available in Red or Blue (colour may vary).