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Rapidough Sculpting Family Game

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  • The game of modeling charades with "sculpting dough"  
  • Be the first team to guess what is being modelled by a team-mate 
  • Guess too slow and you lose the dough - literally - to the other team
  • Includes 300 challenge cards, coloured dough and moulding mats
  • Suitable for two teams or four or more players 
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Rapidough Family Game is a team game of sculpting charades. Players take turns at modelling or sculpting the team's entry on their card. The first team to guess what their sculptor is creating wins the round. However there is a twist - the winning team gets to take a plug of dough from the losing team after each round. The result - teams can end up with a pea sized piece of dough! Imagine trying to sculpt the Eiffel Tower with that! The results are hilarious.

Ready, Steady - GO!... is it a... giraffe? is it a... pyramid? is it a... rocket? it's The Eiffel Tower! Guess too slow and you lose some dough! Now with new family friendly words. Ideal for 2 teams or 4 or more players.

This is the perfect family game to play after long Sunday lunches or Christmas family get togethers. It will get the grey matter working and the creative, dexterous juices flowing. 

Game Contents

  • 400 word cards, 
  • play mats,
  • 3 dough pots,
  • 3 x sculpting tools,
  • 3 x dough plungers and
  • 1 x instructions.