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Replicushion Doughnut

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  • Replicushion doughnut – does what it says on the label
  • Chocolate glaze with plenty of sprinkles
  • Looks delicious but don’t eat it. Seriously. Don’t
  • Super squishy and comfy
  • Flamability tested
  • Pink Stripe and Chocolate Sprinkles measure approx. 35cm in diameter
  • Sprinkles measures approx. 24cm in diameter
Replicushion Doughnut
Replicushion Doughnut Replicushion Doughnut Replicushion Doughnut 1 Replicushion Doughnut Replicushion Doughnut 1 Replicushion Doughnut 5 Replicushion Doughnut 7 Replicushion Doughnut 8 Replicushion Doughnut 9
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There’s little doubt that this cushion is a fun and tasty-looking replica of a doughnut, though let’s be honest when we say actually trying to eat it would probably be a bad idea. Nonetheless, if you want a novelty cushion that looks like a doughnut, here it is!

Make no mistake – this awesome-looking cushion ain’t just a pretty face (can that saying work with fake pastry?). You’re talking about an accurate representation of a doughnut in 35cm or 24cm, sprinkles and all (imagine the calories on that thing!). It’s also a flammability-tested, supremely comfortable piece of soft furnishing, perfect for setting on your sofa and sitting against.

But seriously guys, don’t try to eat it.