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Reusable Set of Hand Warmers

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  • Set of two re-usable Liqui-Pak ‘Water Bottle’ hand warmers 
  • Press the metal disc and release instant heat that lasts for hours
  • Easy to carry - keep in your pocket or insert into your gloves
  • Reusable, simply immerse in boiling water to reactivate
  • Solid mass becomes fluid again and is ready to re-use
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Prevent frozen hands this winter with these re-usable pocket hand warmers. These Liqui-Pak ‘Water Bottle’ hand warmers releases instant heat that lasts for hours.They heat in seconds, are easy to use and reuse and fit In gloves, pockets, anywhere where you try to keep your hands sheltered from the cold. 

Inside is a floating ‘button’ which activates warmth with a gentle squeeze. Simply immerse in boiling water to reactivate. Do Not Place In Microwave Or Freezer.  The set of two is ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors - even in the dead of winter - ramblers, dog walkers, sporty types or even those who brave the Winter sales in January. ideal for the morning and evening commute as well - after all for many this is unavoidable. 

Like all heating devices, it is important to read all instructions prior to use. To activate, grasp recharged metal disc located inside the pouch and bend with fingers. A chemical reaction will occur, creating heat and a solid mass. Note: If the temperature is above 50°F / 10°C, you may need to bend the disc several times to activate.

To recharge, immerse in continuously boiling water for approximately 6 minutes until the chemical converts back to liquid form. Carefully remove from the water and let the warmer cool down at room temperature before reactivating. Do not use cold water to cool down. It's then ready to be used for your next outing.