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RFID Card Guard

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  • Protect your money and personal data with this RFID Card Guard
  • Specially lined cover, blocks RFID signals being read from your card
  • Lets you use wireless card readers with no fear of fraud
  • Easy to fit into your wallet
  • Essential for home or travel use
RFID Card Guard
RFID Card Guard RFID Card Guard 1
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With the rise of digital technology and more complicated ways of paying via your credit card, thieves are continually adapting and coming up with new ways to steal your personal data. On the face of your credit or debit card you should be able to see a wireless symbol which informs you that your card uses RFID technology, which allows you to simply swipe your card at designated machines instead of having to swipe the magnetic strip each time you want to make a payment. This is a much easier way of paying, however it does come with security issues, as any common criminal can create a RFID reader with minimal effort and steal your details.

You can prevent any of these issues happening however with the RFID Card Guard - the credit card cover that prevents your data from being stolen, but still allows you to use your card without having to use those time consuming card machines. Furthermore the card guard prevents two contactless cards in the same wallet being billed simultaneously. Ideal to place in any wallet or purse.