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12 Volt Digital Air Compressor

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  • Tyre inflator with self-select pressure tyre mode and automatic switch off
  • Stores the recommended pressure for your vehicle's tyres
  • Plugs into cigarette lighter and has a 3.3 metre power cable
  • Features 2 piece adapter kit for inflating sport balls and small inflatables.
  • Built in white light for direction and red light for alert/SOS at night
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Take the hassle out of inflating tyres at the local petrol station and invest in this must have car accessory. The RAC600 is part of the Air Compressor range from Ring, and offers both necessary and additional features for checking and maintaining your car’s tyre pressures. 

The automatic digital feature allows you to store your car tyre pressure. Simply switch the compressor on and once the correct tyre pressure is reached the unit will turn itself off. In addition the compressor has a built in white light for direction and finding the tyre valve when it is dark, and a red light for alert/SOS if you have to inflate your tyre on the roadside at night.

Fitted with a fused cigarette lighter plug the 3.3 metre power cable stretches the full length of a standard car allowing front and rear tyre to be easily checked. Once the 60cm air hose is connected to your tyre the illuminated LCD display will show your current tyre pressure. All you need to do is press the "on" button and the compressor will automatically do all the work. A tyre will be inflated in less than 3-5 minutes, saving you time, energy and queuing up at the service station.

The Ring RAC600 also comes with a 2 piece adaptor for inflating sport balls and small inflatables.You will never have to run out of puff again.