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Robot Hand

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  • Grab those hard to reach objects with the Robot Hand
  • Perfect for grabbing any TV watching essentials
  • Use it to pinch and poke your mates for a quick laugh
  • Great gift for any coach potatoes
  • Robot Hand length: 18" (46cm)
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Why is it whenever you're on the sofa, the TV remote or beer can is always just fingertips away? Eiither someone has moved it or hidden it from your grasp. The only solution is to get up right? Wrong! With the Robot Hand you can remain in your postion of comfort and reach items that you previously thought were unreachable.

The Robot Hand's pull and release mechanism makes picking up hard to reach items a breeze. If your plate of chips or bottle of beer is more than an arms length away then don't fear this Robotic grabbing gadget will come in handy. 

If you want to get someone's attention or annoy one of your mates you can use the Robot Hand to pinch and poke people to get a good laugh.

Robot Hand length 18" (46cm).