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Scribble Clock

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  • Write down your notes and memos
  • Notes light up when alarm sounds
  • Blue backlit LCD pixel display
  • 3 alarm melodies and snooze
  • Multi-functional scrolling display
Scribble Clock clock1 clock2 clock3
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It’s amazing how much can be achieved if you’re a night owl. It’s reported that some of the greatest minds do their best work at night. Famous faces like Bob Dylan, President Obama, Charles Darwin and Winston Churchill all claimed to have their most inspirational moments when the moon is high and the stars are sparkling.

So whether you have the greatest ideas in the wee hours or simply need a neon reminder of the things you need to do then the Scribble Clock is the perfect bedside accessory. This clever alarm clock features a clear plastic screen that you can use as a notepad to write down all of your last minute thoughts. The magic pen writes clearly onto the screen and when the clock lights up, so does your message! Whatever the message, this clever clock will keep you in the loop.

The Scribble Clock features a backlit LCD scrolling pixel display showing the time, temperature, year, date, countdown timer, calendar, birthday reminder, a choice of three alarm melodies and of course the very handy snooze function! The display will illuminate for 10 seconds when touched so won’t it disturb those around you when your stroke of genius occurs, and if you make any mistakes they can be easily wiped away to start all over again! Powered by 3 x AAA batteries this handy clock is also fully portable and without wires – so you’ll never miss a message!