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Anti-Fart Underwear

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  • Boxers and pants that eliminate the smell of farts
  • Comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and XL
  • This stylish underwear absorbs & eliminate odours
  • Chemical warfare suit technology used
  • Filtrates odours up to 200x the average fart emits
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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your gasket needs to blow but you know the smell of your flatulence would make even grown men weep? Whether this is on the train, during a business meeting or on a first date, an unwanted bout of farting is never comfortable and can lead to large amounts of discomfort and embarrassment. If this problem affects you on a regular basis then you’ll be sure to love these Anti-Fart Hipster Boxers for men and pants for ladies in a choice of 4 sizes!

These boxers are made in a contemporary style and come in a sleek and discreet black. Shreddies have designed these men’s boxers and ladies pants to ensure the wearer can feel comfortable at all and avoid awkward situations involving gas. This revolutionary underwear is made using the same technology found in chemical warfare suits and can dispel odours up to 200x that of an average flatus emission. These pants aren’t magic, but they do involve some seriously clever design! A carbon back panel filters the flatulence odour and will continue to do so for 2-3 years as long as the user washes as per the instructions.

This underwear is so effective that in 2009 Shreddies were awarded the ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ award from the ACA (Association for Continence Advice) and they were said to be a “Fab idea, quality product [and are a] fantastic innovation.” These pants are made from cotton and elastane with a carbon Zorflex panel in the rear, ensuring these pants aren’t just useful but comfortable too.

The sizes for these boxers correspond to the following waist sizes (in inches). It is important that the boxers are a tight fit or they will not filter the odours well.

  • S: 30-32
  • M: 33-35
  • L: 36-38
  • XL: 39-41

The sizes for the ladies pants are as follows:

  • S: 8-10
  • M: 12-14
  • L: 16-18
  • XL: 20-22

It is important to wash these boxers correctly or the carbon back panel will stop working. See below for details on how to wash this garment.

Wash Care


Wash with soda crystals only

Tumble dry on medium heat or dry over a medium heat radiator


This pair of boxers will be sure to be appreciated by any curry loving man and will have you wondering how you ever managed to live without them. Equally the ladies pants will have women everywhere sighing in relief as their flatulence goes unnoticed.

Please note this product includes one pair of hipster boxers or ladies pants only.