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R/C Classic Trainer Aeroplane

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  • Silverlit Biplane can be flown indoors or outdoors at high speeds
  • Tri-band system allows for 3 Silverlit toys to be flown at once
  • Made from tough, flexible foam for steady flight and durability
  • Features a rechargeable Li-Poly battery for the plane
  • Has a wingspan of 24cm. Colour cannot be guarenteed
Silverlit R/C Classic Trainer Aeroplane
Silverlit R/C Classic Trainer Aeroplane Silverlit Classic Trainer R/C Aeroplane Silverlit R/C Classic Trainer Aeroplane 1 Silverlit R/C Classic Trainer Aeroplane 2 Silverlit R/C Classic Trainer Aeroplane 3
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Rule the skies with this Silverlit Remote Control Classic Trainer Aeroplane, which is the ultimate remote control gadget for any newcomers to the world of R/C flying. 

It is made from a tough flexible foam, which makes it extremely stable in flight and durable enough to withstand the occasional hard landing. The Classic Trainer comes with an easy to use transmitter to steer your trainer left or right and this R/C flyer is also capable of performing take off's, easy landing's, circular movements and smooth glides. It also features a tri-band system with A, B and C bands so up to 3 Silverlit R/C models can be flown together.

The Silverlit Trainer features a Li-Poly battery, can fly for up to 10 minutes and takes less than half and hour to charge direct from the transmitter. 

This pack comes with two replacement propellers and an informative flight manual.

Plane: Li-Poly rechargeable battery with pack (included).
Transmitter: Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included).

Please note colour cannot be guaranteed and may vary.