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Snore No More Extendable Arm

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  • Snore No More extending arm for a good night's sleep
  • Extends to nearly 22 inches (55cm) in length
  • With metallic telescopic retractable handle and plastic fist
  • Great novelty gift for the person who lives with a snorer
  • A brilliant idea - nothing medical or technical involved!
Snore No More Extendable Arm
Snore No More Extendable Arm Snore No More Extendable Arm 1 Snore No More Extendable Arm 2
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Is your relationship suffering because the other half keeps you awake night after night with their incessant snoring? Does the said other half lie on their back and make gurgling and snorting noises all night long? One of the easiest solutions is for the two of you to sleep apart in different rooms, however this often results in a lack of needed physical intimacy, straining the relationship. And if you’re the one snoring, you might feel lonely, isolated, and frustrated about something you feel you have no control over.

Here's a way to get them to roll over and stop that awful cacophony that involves no drugs, visits to the chemist or sleeping apart. Made from a combination of plastic and metal, there is nothing technical or medical about this - it simply acts as a deterrent to that constant "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" sound. Extending to 22 inches, a gentle nudge with this bad boy will get the offending snorer to stop in their tracks.