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Beer Pong

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  • Beer Pong Adult drinking game for boys nights in or out
  • Includes 12 plastic cups, two pong balls and plastic beer pong mat
  • Game of accuracy and control - get ball into each other's glass
  • Once you've succeeded, drink; not succeeded, drink. Simple!
  • A brilliant addition for any night in. Beer not included (sorry)
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This beer pong cup and ball drinking set is the ultimate addition to a boys night or house party. Featuring twelve plastic cups (2 teams), two plastic beer pong balls,and a beer mat, the aim of Beer Pong is to fill the plastic cups with a variety of intoxicating beverages and then attempt to bounce the balls into them. Once a successful attempt has been made, the contents of the cup must be consumed. Truly a gentleman's drinking game, Beer Pong is a sophisticated way of becoming inebriated
So what could be better than bouncing a ping pong ball into your opponent's beer! Very silly and a grown up version of tiddly winks! It's the best drinking game in the world - probably! Ideal to get the party truly started. Set 'em up for boys nights, stag dos - any party really. 

How to play

Lay out the beer pong mat and place 2 sets of cups on the coloured spots (red cups on the red spots, blue cups on the blue spots). Fill the cup with your chosen drink to the fill line as marked on the cups and you are now ready to play. Comprising 2 teams, or 1 or 2 players,  the aim of the game is to remove all of the opposing team’s cups from the table whilst they try to defend them.  The first team to remove all of the opposing team’s cups from the table wins.

Using the 2 beer pong balls, the first team takes a shot trying to get the two ball into the opposing cups. Should the 2 balls be “sunk” into the cup, the defending must immediately remove and drink the “sunk” cups. Place the empty cups to the side and it’s now the defending team’s turn. For full rules please see the included leaflet.