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  • Wearable bands create music by following your body movements
  • Connect to the app via Bluetooth to access over 400 sounds
  • Wear up to four bands at once and sync with friend’s bands
  • Additional app features an interactive graphics display to match your music
  • The next step in music and dance technology with limitless possibilities
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Dancing to music is so last year. This is the time for us to make music as we dance. No longer will we follow the music, now the music follows us.

The Soundmoovz are amazing bands that together with the free app allow you to create music, just with your body movements. They look just like the fitness trackers you see everywhere these days but you won’t get a calorie count for these. Wear them on your wrists and/or feet and with every movement, a sound plays out. All you need to do is move to create some sick beats!

The bands come with over 400 sounds clips for you to choose from including, hip hop beats, synths, robots, piano and Kung Fu sound effects.  Just move in rhythm and they turn into a melody. You can even form your own band with a few friends! 

Each Soundmoovz band can then be used to make any selected sound, so every time you flick your wrist, it instantly relays the sound. You can even record your on sounds and add them to the app.

Soundmoovz connect via Bluetooth to your phone and you can use its speaker or connect it to your home Hi Fi or any other amp or speaker for some more serious sounds!

Up to seven bandz can be connected to one phone, so you could wear four (both wrists and ankles) or go multiplayer and team up with your friends to create a kinetic band like no other. You could even connect up to 1000 phones to one amp and have even more people Soundmooving at one time!

Soundmoovz are easy to use, simply play your favourite music and add beats, rhythms and solos on top of it as you Moov. With a little practice you can create a whole soundtrack with your friends just by dancing.

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