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Spa Hot Rocks - Hot Stone Therapy

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  • Homeopathic pampering gift pack which provides a Hot Stone therapy
  • Heat from stone penetrates muscles to ease tension
  • Helps you to relax, eases muscular aches and pains
  • Relieves stress and encourages circulation
  • Pack includes one velvet pouch filled with 9 smooth, tactile black stones
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Just visited a health spa and you want to replicate some of that soothing pampering at home? Or is the idea of spending loads of money to de-stress that aching body of yours going to cause more pain? Well indulge yourself in some Hot Stone Therapy with these Spa Hot Rocks.

Stone Therapy is the application of stones in a thermo-therapeutic massage. This is an age old therapy dating back 5000 years. When heated, the rocks penetrate the muscles and ease tension. The cool stones sooth inflammation. When hot and cold are alternated, the circulation is stimulated, thereby assisting the body in self-healing.   The weight of the rocks being accepted by the skin and the muscles has an effect completely unlike a 'normal' hot/cold treatment. Use the hot rocks to relax, ease muscular aches and pains, relieve stress, tension and anxiety, combat insomnia and depression.

The Spa Rocks comes with easy to follow instructions, with three of the nine rocks in the pouch engraved with 'Body' , 'Relax' and 'Soul' . To use, remove the stones from the velvet bag and place in a pot of water; bring them to the boil and then carefully remove the rocks from the water and dry and place on a towel. To test the temperature, carefully touch each stone; when they feel warm and hot to the touch place the stones as per the instructions provided for either back, shoulder, feet or arm relief.

Why not create your own pampering experience for your beloved as a birthday, Anniversary or Valentine s Day treat? Or why not indulge them after a long, stressful day at work? This is not just a homeopathic remedy it's a romantic pampering gift that just keeps on giving.

So, what do you get?

  • Hot Stone Massage - Spa Hot Rocks
  • One velvet pouch filled with 9 smooth, tactile black stones. Pouch will either be black or red in colour; we cannot guarantee which colour is supplied.
  • Stones comprises 3 x Larger engraved stones and 6 x Smaller stone
  • 1 x Set of instructions