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Spin, Sip or Strip Drinking Game

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  • Drinking adult board game based on strip poker and taking shots
  • Comprises board and spinner with suggestions and requests
  • Includes "Choose someone to strip one item" and "Skull"
  • Includes four drinking shot glasses made of glass
  • Perfect for parties, nights in, stag dos and student gatherings
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Spin, Sip or Strip Drinking Game is a cross between Strip Poker, spin the bottle and Roulette! As the name suggests, this is a risque drinking game for adults; ideal for two or more players (oo-er! Mrs). Simply flick the wheel and follow the instructions.

Spin the wheel, let's play fair, let's hope you have enough to wear. If you don't want to end in a comprising position and lose your pants, we suggest you dress in layers if you're planning on playing. Mind you, after a while and after a few, you may not care that you have stripped down to your smalls.

How to play

Go put on some clothes and fill your shot glass with your favourite drink.  Place the board on a flat surface (tape the board down if necessary). Moving in a clockwise direction, each player takes it in turn to flick the arrow sharply so that it completes at least two revolutions. When the spinner comes to a complete rest, the player must carry out the instructions immediately beneath the point of the arrow. Should the arrow come to rest over a dividing line, the instructions to the right of the arrow must be followed. 

Suggestions include:

  • Choose someone to strip one item
  • Choose someone to down one drink
  • Choose someone to down two drinks
  • Strip one item
  • Sip and strip............

You get the idea. Perfect for parties, nights in with just the two of you, stag nights, hen dos and student gatherings.