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Spiral Helix

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  • Unique LED Spiral Helix light made in the style of a DNA strand
  • Flick a switch and the spiral light silently spins to its own rhythm
  • LED light feature creates rhythmic waves of red and blue light
  • Mains powered. Stand not included.
  • Can be attached to any normal light fixture via a E27 screw in attachment
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If style and art is a part of your DNA, then our LED Spiral Helix light feature is perfect for your living room. Become captivated by the bright blue and red LED lights, which spin and twirl independently as if by magic. The entrancing twirl is created by a small motor boosted every 63 seconds and between boosts the tendrils are left to rotate into countless enchanting patterns via their own kinetic energy.

The spiral helix can hang off of any light fixture in your house with a E27 screw in attachment, giving you a bright alternative to your normal light bulbs. You can use the Spiral Helix as a centerpiece in your living room or even as an additional light in your bedroom.

Give your house the wow factor and bring some originality into your front room with the Spiral Helix LED light feature, which will leave any house guest in a daze of amazement, as they stare at the twirling blue and red lights. Ideal for any modern home or housewarming gift. Stand not included.