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Star Trek Attack Wing Starter Game

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  • Start your Star Trek adventure battles with Attack Wing Starter Game
  • With 3 pre-painted replica miniatures starhips including the USS Enterprise 
  • Customise your ship with different pilots and upgrades
  • Comes with cards, scenarios and quick to learn rules
  • Suitable for Ages 14+; 30-45 minutes playing time
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Trekkies - listen up! Now you can go to frontiers and worlds unknown whilst immersing yourself in your own universe with he Star Trek Attack Wing Game

This tactical space combat HeroClix miniatures game comes with collectable pre-painted ships from the Star Trek Universe. Utilizing the FlightPath manoeuvre system, command your fleet in space combat and customize your ship with a Captain, crew, weapons and tech upgrades. The miniatures game Starter Set uses the core rule set of the FlightPath game system with a Star Trek twist, but it is not compatible with other FlightPath games. There are also 8 other Fleet expansion for you to collect and add to your Star Trek Attack Wing Collection.

Pack includes

  • The U.S.S. Enterprise-D/Galaxy-class,
  • I.K.S. Maht-H’a/Vor’cha-class 
  • I.R.W. Khazara/D’deridex-class ships
  • Quick Start rules, 
  • Ship, Captain, and Crew Upgrade cards, 
  • Range ruler
  • Game tokens