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Star Wars The Last Jedi R2D2 Projection Dome Clock

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  • Official Star Wars merchandise
  • Projection Dome clock modelled after the most iconic astromech in the galaxy
  • Does not shut down trash compactors
  • Makes the iconic beeping noises from the films
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included)
  • No secret plans or messages on this droid’s drive
  • Measures approx. 7cm x 11.5cm x 11.5cm
Star Wars R2D2 Projection Dome Clock 1
Star Wars R2D2 Projection Dome Clock 1 Star Wars R2D2 Projection Dome Clock 2 Star Wars R2D2 Projection Dome Clock 3 Star Wars R2D2 Projection Dome Clock 4 Star Wars R2D2 Projection Dome Clock 5
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R2-D2 is the original cute droid in Star Wars, the real OG (or OD) as it were. Nothing can quite stand up to how intrinsically this droid has become part of our pop-culture lexicon. In short, he’s pretty darn famous. That being the case, there’s a lot of Artoo stuff around – and now he can tell the time for you, too, with this fun Projection Dome Clock.

Modelled after the iconic appearance of R2-D2 familiar to all the fans of the films, this battery-powered Projection Dome clock (batteries included) has an alarm that, when activated, turns on the time projection light and base light: the time is literally projected before your eyes (and it should just be the time – we’re reasonably certain there are no Death Star plans or desperate messages from Princess Leia in there). Not only that, but when the alarm plays, the cute R2-D2 sounds – familiar from a thousand arguments with C-3PO – play, sure to wake you up. Alas, we aren’t Protocol Droids, so we can’t tell you what he’s saying, but we’re pretty sure he's keen for you to get out of bed.

If you want to tell the time with a little Star Wars magic thrown in, there’s very little to do it with quite the style, the nostalgia, and the fun of this R2-D2 clock. Just don’t ask him to shut down the trash compactors on the detention level, because he can’t. He’s a clock.