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Super Lizard Robot

In stock
  • Incredible lizard robot kit
  • Build your very own reptile
  • Uses artificial intelligence
  • Fun home based science set
  • 4 x AAA batteries included
Super Lizard Robot
CIC Robotic Kit - Frilled Lizard Vedio CIC21-892 1m30s Super Lizard Robot Super Lizard Robot 1 Super Lizard Robot 2
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This Super Lizard Robot kit is one of the best robotic toys we’ve ever seen, combining clever design, quality materials, artificial intelligence and the cutest lizard in the world.

The Frilled lizard originates from the jungles of Australia and is one of the most unique animals on the planet. It is most widely known for the large frill around its neck that it displays when frightened whilst raising its body and gaping its jaw. This incredible exhibition makes this mighty reptile extremely memorable.

So it’s no surprise that this super frilled dragon has been immortalised in robotic form for all of us to enjoy as an electronic pet. Designed to mimic the real life version, this artificially intelligent robot has two pre-programmed settings. ‘Escape mode’ will automatically set your lizard to ‘shocked’ with frill exposed, mouth agape and LED eyes illuminated, waggling tail and your lizard will scurry away to safety. In ‘follow me’ mode your lizard will attempt to bluff you by unfurling shaking its frill until he senses there is no danger. When the robot feels safe and happy it will happily approach you like a pet.

This fantastic kit has everything necessary to build your loveable reptilian, giving you the satisfaction of building your very own AI robot. This kit is a great project for adults and children alike, allowing you to create, build and play.