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Are you after gadgets for men that will blow his mind? Look no further, we have the coolest tech gifts for men right here. Shop our impressive range from the categories below.

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  1. Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser - Grey background
    13% Off sale
    Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser
    Save £20.00
    Special Price £129.00
  2. H.e True Wireless Earbuds - White
    33% Off sale
    H.e True Wireless Earbuds - White
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £10.00
  3. RED5 Hoverboard Pro - grey background
    6% Off sale
    RED5 Hoverboard Pro
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £169.00
  4. idance circle disco light
    20% Off sale
    iDance Sound Activated Circle Disco Light
    Save £4.00
    Special Price £16.00
  5. Laser Keyboard Projector - Grey Background
    20% Off sale
    Laser Keyboard Projector
    Save £20.00
    Special Price £79.00
  6. iDance Typhoon 101 Speaker MK3
    30% Off sale
    iDance Typhoon 101 Speaker MK3
    Save £15.00
    Special Price £35.00
  7. RED5 Motion Robot
    33% Off sale
    RED5 Motion Robot
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £20.00
  8. Lazy Man Fry Pan 1
    14% Off sale
    Lazy Man Frying Pan
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £30.00
  9. Light Up Shower Speaker inside shower
    20% Off sale
    Light Up Shower Speaker
    Save £3.00
    Special Price £12.00
  10. Storm Globe with Stand
    17% Off sale
    Storm Globe with Stand
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £25.00
  11. Retro Cassette Boombox with Bluetooth - Grey Background
    25% Off sale
    Retro Cassette Boombox with Bluetooth
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £30.00
  12. iDance DJX-100 Light-Up Bluetooth Party Speaker
    13% Off sale
    iDance DJX-100 Light-Up Bluetooth Party Speaker
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £69.00
  13. iDance Blaster B2X Partybox Light-up Speaker
    25% Off sale
    iDance Blaster B2X Partybox Light-up Speaker
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £30.00

We all love a gadget gift don’t we? That’s why we’ve taken inspiration from the likes of James Bond, Batman and Marty McFly to produce for you the weird and wonderful tech gifts at Menkind. For those who say they don’t want anything for their birthday or Christmas, our range of cool gadgets are perfect for them. So no matter the person or occasion you’re shopping for, you’ll find the best gifts for the techie in your life right here.

Office Gadgets

Ever wonder how to make your time in the office more bearable? Wonder no more, our office tech gifts aim to do exactly that. How about a self-stirring mug for when they’ve got too much work and not enough time to stir their brew? For the home office, a multi-purpose lap desk is great for doing work in front of the tv – just don’t get caught… A spy camera pen is a cool office gadget with a twist, record your colleagues without them having a clue.

Gaming Gadgets

Make their gaming experience even more awesome with our collection of gaming accessories. You can’t go wrong with a gaming keyboard, with multi-function lighting to brighten up any man cave.  Or gaming microphone for streaming or making videos with the best sound quality. And you can’t go wrong with a good sound system, especially one that lights up.

Cool Gadgets

Stumped by what to get them for their birthday? We’ve got you covered with our impressive range of gadget gifts for men. Light up their room with a planetarium projector to bring the night sky into their room, or if their car is their pride and joy, they’ll be sure to love colour-changing car LED lights. To bring the pub into your home, a beer dispenser that turns cans and bottles into draughts would make a pretty cool gadget gift. Why not make their life a little easier, with a lazy man frying pan or a wireless car phone charger and holder?

You can never go wrong when buying tech gifts for men! There’s so many gadgets and contraptions that make unique and useful presents for years to come. Whether it’s tech for the gaming fanatics, office gadgets to make work more interesting or cool gadgets for a present that’s a little different this year – you’ll find every gadget for men you could possibly think of all in one place.

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