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Bugle Bike Horn

In stock
  • Bugle Bike Horn – novelty, vintage style bicycle horn
  • Fun retro piece – perfect for adding character to your bike
  • Chrome steel finish – shiny and sturdy
  • Soft rubber bulb – perfect for squeezing!
  • Measures approx. 22cm x 10cm x 5cm
Bugle Bike Horn 1b
Bugle Bike Horn 1b Bugle Bike Horn 2b
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Horns and bells are incredibly essential safety items for bicycles: with them, you can warn pedestrians of your oncoming presence, and generally signal your location for the benefit both of yourself and of your fellow people.

Alright, let’s drop the safety act here – this is a stonking great trumpet of a horn that, in terms be more fitting on a Victorian motor car or in a clown act than a modern bicycle, and yet somehow it works! Screwing with little effort onto your bike handlebar, it’ll make a really, REALLY loud noise, perfect for getting people to move out of the way (or scaring the ever loving heck out of them, one or the other).

Perfect for adding character to your bike, this Bugle Bike Horn is one for the biker with a sense of humour. Or the driver who happens to own a Victorian motor car, either or.