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The Grumpy Old Git's Guide to Life

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  • Humorous Gift book by Geoff Tiballs for the grumpy old git in your household
  • Chapters include "Home Discomforts" & "The Great Shopping Experience"
  • Other topics include "Healthcare", "Insolence of the Young", "Jobs for Old Gits"
  • Ideal gift for a family member or work colleague and a great read too
  • In hardback; 192 pages
Grumpy Old Git's Guide
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We all know a grumpy git and most of us live with one too in varying degrees - whether it's a husband, father, brother, grandfather or even son! The Grumpy Old Git's Guide is ideal for even the grumpiest of grouches who think they've the right to grizzle about everyone and everything! Surely life in the 21st century isn't that bad. Of course, some old blokes don't admit they're wrong or even bad tempered - it's just everybody else that is!

From Bob Geldof to Winston Churchill, Jeremy Clarkson to Victor Meldrew, the world has always produced its share of grumpy, moody, pessimistic and world-weary types. We all know one! They like to groan and grumble, offering their own commentary on the shortcomings of modern life. Whether it is queues at the supermarket, the state of the health system, the price of a pint these days, the hairstyles of teenagers, or the number of Malteasers you actually get in a bag, there is always something that will get their goat. 'The Grumpy Old Git's Guide to Life' is a hilarious celebration of all these grumps, how to identify one, what exactly they find so irritating and why we find their rants quite so amusing.