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Thumb Chucks

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  • Brilliantly fun stunt balls
  • Develop your skills and coordination
  • LED pulse balls light on impact
  • Inspired by Greek Begleri toys
  • Fantastically fun and addictive
  • Interchangeable coloured balls
  • Free app features tutorials, video editor and more
  • Download from the iOS and Play Store
Thumb Chucks
THUMB CHUCKS | Control the Roll Thumb Chucks Thumb Chucks 1 Thumb Chucks 2 Thumb Chucks 3 Thumb Chucks 4 Thumb Chucks 2 Thumb Chucks 4
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Who would’ve thought that playing with your balls could be so much fun? Thumb Chucks are a super addictive skill toy that are set to be the next big thing – like all the best they’re simple in concept but extremely tricky to master.

Based on a Greek toy known as Begleri, Thumb Chucks consist of two rubber balls connected by a piece of thread. Each ball contains an LED which lights on impact – so whenever the balls bounce off each other, your hand or even off your desk they glow.

There are loads of tricks to learn, ranging from the simple to the spectacularly tricky which will create a fantastic light show with the LEDs. There’s even an app that’s not only packed full of trick tutorials it also features a video clip maker where you can add special effects to tricks you’ve filmed!

Thumbchucks come in a range of colours and the LED balls are even detachable from the threads, so you can mix and match colours. So get your ‘chuck on, and learn to roll, drop, catch and spin the latest sensation in fun toys! 

Please note: unfortunately, we are unable to offer a choice of colour.