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  1. Air Shot - Glow In the Dark
    40% Off sale
    Air Shot - Glow In the Dark
    Special Price £14.99 was £24.99
  2. Vizor 3D Virtual Reality Glasses - White
    33% Off sale
    Vizor 3D Virtual Reality Glasses - White
    Special Price £7.99 was £11.99
  3. Robot Wars Head to Head
    40% Off sale
    Robot Wars Head to Head
    Special Price £29.97 was £49.99
  4. Poopyhead Game
    62% Off sale
    Poopyhead Game
    Special Price £4.97 was £12.99
  5. RED5 Mini Arcade Machine
    25% Off sale
    RED5 Mini Arcade Machine
    Special Price £15.00 was £20.00
  6. Motion-Controlled Light-Up LED Heliball
    25% Off sale
    Motion-Controlled Light-Up LED Heliball
    Special Price £14.99 was £19.99
  7. Body Bubble Ball
    20% Off sale
  8. Fishin for Floaters
    50% Off sale
    Fishin for Floaters
    Special Price £3.97 was £8.00
  9. Power Popper 1
    25% Off sale
    Power Popper
    Special Price £12.00 was £16.00
  10. Oxboard Blades – Self-Balancing Hovershoes
    17% Off sale
    Oxboard Blades – Self-Balancing Hovershoes
    Special Price £249.00 was £299.00
  11. Robot Wars IR House Robot - Matilda
    50% Off sale
    Robot Wars IR House Robot - Matilda
    Special Price £19.97 was £39.99
  12. Laser Tag
    33% Off sale
    Laser Tag
    Special Price £11.99 was £17.99
  13. Stealth Pistol
    25% Off sale
    Stealth Pistol
    Special Price £14.99 was £19.99
  14. 300 Piece Poker Chip Case Set
    43% Off sale
    300 Piece Poker Chip Set in Aluminium Case
    Special Price £17.00 was £30.00
  15. Stryker Paintball Sets
    29% Off sale
  16. Whirlerz Finger Fidgets
    90% Off sale
    Whirlerz Finger Fidgets
    Special Price £0.50 was £4.99
  17. Fidget Widget Fob
    84% Off sale
    Fidget Widget Fob
    Special Price £0.97 was £6.00
  18. Laser-X 2 Player
    20% Off sale
    Laser-X 2 Player
    Special Price £39.99 was £49.99
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People young and old will love the wide range of Toys & Games here at Menkind. We stock a wide range of varied items including Board Games, Puzzles, Magic Tricks and Outdoor Toys. Many of our products are classics such as the Adult Size Space Hopper that will transport you back to the halcyon days of hopper racing with your mates. However we also stock unusual Toys & Games that are sure to become firm favourites in your household. Our collection of board games include the hilarious Smart Ass family game sure to have you roaring with laughter, or if you prefer a subtler evening then our Inspector McClue range would be a perfect way to have fun with your friends. Our outdoor range includes the fantastic Stealth Archery Set and Mӧlkky wooden family game, perfect for getting kids and adults alike outdoors and playing! With hundreds of other products including brain teasers, puzzles, magic tricks, Frisbees and 3D construction kits, you are sure to find something you and your family will love.