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Typewriter Font Fridge Magnet Letters

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  • Give messages some character with these Typewriter font Fridge Magnets
  • Spell out messages on your fridge in style with matt black rubber letters
  • Approximately 201 characters per pack including A - Z, 0 - 9, &, at, #
  • Write shopping lists, little reminders, poetry and messages to your family
  • Each character measures 15mm each 
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Spell out messages on your fridge… in style! Classic Typewriter Font Fridge Magnets make your kitchen look cool. Magnetic typography is modern, minimalist and grown-up - after all, colourful plastic letters are for kids! The pack includes approximately 200 characters including letters of the Alphabet, numbers 0-9 and symbols such as @ and #. 

And of course, they’re great for reminders (please pick up some more milk), messages (Gone Fishing!), tellings-off (You ate my sausage!) and more.... Ideal for busy households - house-mates or members of the family will now have no excuse for not communicating.