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Smart Ass Mini Board Game

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  • Be the Smart Ass of this Mini Smart Ass Board Game travelling version
  • Fast paced trivia game where you don't have to wait for your turn
  • Each Who? What? And Where Am I? card has 10 clues
  • Be careful, you only get one chance to answer each question!
  • Fast paced party game for all ages and abilities. 
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Who do you know that is a true know-it-all? A proper trivia buff? A bit of a smart ass? Well find out who the real clever clogs or trivia bore is with this Smart Ass in a Tin mini board game. It's a fast paced family trivia game, where you don't have to wait for your turn to shout out the answer. Race around the board, and become the Smart Ass amongst your family or friends. It's fast because if you know the answer to a question you have to shout it out before anyone else. 

There are four main question categories: Who am I?, What am I?, Where am I? and Hard Ass. Each question is made up of a series of ten clues which get progressively easier (see example question image). The first person to shout out the correct answer wins the round and keeps that card. If anyone blurts out the wrong answer then they’re out until the next question. The first player to answer four questions correctly wins the game and is crowned the ultimate Smart Ass!

With most board games it can be frustrating when you know the answer but you can't shout it out as it isn't your turn. Luckily with this game if you know the answer you can blurt it out. There's no waiting in this fast paced multiplayer trivia game. This tin version of Smart Ass makes a great after-dinner game and has all the fun of the Smart Ass board game – just without the board! Its portable size means it can be taken on your travels and brighten up any journey. If you already own the Smart Ass board game, it will make a great booster pack of fresh new questions to extend the fun. For 2 or more players and ages 12 to adult.