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US Armed Forces Abrams RC Tank

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  • RC 1:24 scale toy tank based on the famous US Army M1A2 Abrams Tank
  • Rotates 360 degrees and moves forwards/backwards, left & right
  • 330 degree rotating turret with up/down movement, recoils after firing
  • Climbs up to 45 degrees with realistic sound effects and working front lights
  • Dimensions: Height 13cm Length 40cm Width 15cm
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As remote control toys go, this is a little boy's dream! The M1A2 US Armed Forces M1A2 Abrams Remote Control Tank is based on the United States Army third-generation main battle tank. Named after General Creighton Abrams, former Army Chief of Staff and Commander of US military forces in Vietnam, the M1 is a well armed, heavily armoured, and highly mobile tank designed for modern warfare. First entering service in 1980, Abrams remains the principal main battle tank of the US Army and Marines, and the armies of Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

This 1:24 scale battle tank takes the traditional toy tank and gives it a modern twist!   Like the real Abrams, the turret rotates 330 degrees and features a realistic recoil movement after cannon firing operation. Plus the barrel aims up and down - what great ballistic action! The tank itself rotates 360 degrees and can be driven forwards and backwards, and can perform left/right turns and pivot turn. And with all terrain vehicles, it is capable of climbing 45 degrees on a non-slip surface.

As your tank breaks through enemy lines, it also sounds like a true battle vehicle with realistic sound effects when idling and driving, noises for turret rotation, barrel-up and barrel-down manoeuvres and cannon firing. In fact, gun firing sounds are activated according to actions. So enlist your plastic toy soldiers and get armed to do battle with this 1:24 scale battle tank.


  • M1A2 US Armed Forces M1A2 Abrams Remote Control Tank Scale: 1:24
  • Working front lights and realistic sound effects for driving and firing
  • Fully directional - toy tank rotates 360 degrees and moves forwards/backwards with left/ right and pivot turns
  • Climbs 45 degrees on non-slip surface
  • Turret rotates 330 degrees with realistic recoil after firing
  • All functions are operated from the controller
  • For indoor use only
  • Requires 6x AA batteries for the tank (not included)
  • Requies 4x AA batteries for the controller (not included)