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Vent Phone Holder

In stock
  • Attach your phone with ease
  • A solution to mountain your smartphone in the car
  • Can also be used as a travel stand
  • Fits any car vent and any phone
  • Expanding hinges for adjusting size needed
Vent Phone Holder
Vent Phone Holder Vent Phone Holder 1
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When on your travels, do you have trouble using that darn sat nav that just wont stay stuck? Ever thought whether there must be a better solution? Well, with the Vent Phone Holder you can eliminate all of your troubles with providing your phone has a sat nav option. Simply insert this Vent Phone Holder into the car vent and then attach your phone using the adjustable hinges. 
Compatible with any car vent no matter the make or model, this Vent Phone Holder will make your life a lot easier and doesn't look too bad either!
This Vent Phone Holder is also a great way of propping up your phone when calling on handsfree.