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The Walking Dead: The Best Defence Board Game

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  • Role playing game based on hugely popular TV programme The Walking Dead 
  • Beginners and experienced players can tailor the game to their skill level
  • Board setup and resource deck placement makes each game unique
  • Ideal for 2-4 players. Suitable for ages 15 upwards
  • Playing running time - approximately 30-45 minutes 
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Are you and all your friends avid followers of the Walking Dead? Then get them together for a Walking Dead themed evening - starting with this board game and perhaps finishing with a marathon viewing of the show. Pour some drinks and get started. Each game lasts up to 45 minutes and each one is unique thanks to the randomized board setup and resource deck placement. There are also two modes of play to allow for beginners and experienced players to tailor the game to their skill level.

The Best Defense is a cooperative board game in which players take on the roles of Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne and other characters. The Survivors must defend four key locations from Walkers - the Farm, the Prison, the Town and the Highway - in order to stay alive. The game board is assembled at random for each game, providing for variability in the locations; a 25-card resource deck - containing either Equipment, Allies, Food or Ammunition - is placed at random on one of the locations. Walkers and other calamities are triggered in different locations by a 48-card event deck (every card is unique.), which players draw from each round. They must then figure out how to minimize the effects of these events, using dice to resolve combat and determine the outcome of some events.

Survivors can work together to combine their combat abilities or split up to cover more ground. If the Survivors don't clear the Walkers out of a location, they'll lose resources - and if any resource deck runs out, the players lose the game. Thus, players need to keep the Walkers at bay while not using up too many resources themselves. Unlike most cooperative games, The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense includes a leadership role that player can take for one or more rounds - or even the entire game, if others allow him to do so. Each player character has a unique leadership ability that provides a bonus while that character is in charge. 
And because the game doesn't "go on" all night, there will be time left to view the series again and again. 

Pack includes:

  • 100 Resource Cards
  • 48 Event Cards
  • 80+ Game Tokens
  • 6 Oversized Hero Cards
  • 6 Character Pawns w/ bases
  • 4 Oversized Location Tiles
  • 9 Ulterior Motive Cards (For advanced players)
  • 4 Dice 1 Rulebook