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Wine Breather

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  • Silver Award 2006 for Best new gift at DIY housewares UK
  • Automatic On/Off switch so you don't have to keep an eye on it
  • Reduces breathing time from 1 hour to 1 minute for quick drinking
  • Easy to use and completely reusable for great results every time
  • Brings out the best in many wines so you can truly enjoy the taste
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If you see yourself as a true wine connoisseur then you'll love this Wine Breather.

The Rouge 02 electronic wine breather is the perfect solution as it reduces breathing time from one hour down to one minute in a controlled and sophisticated way. It works by gently bubbling air through the wine releasing its full bouquet and flavour, operating on 2 x AAA batteries which can be used on over 230 bottles, an automatic mechanism ensures the correct breathing time.

This electronic wine breather is the first of its kind, designed to aerate and breathe red wine in one minute (instead of having to let it stand for 1hr), the Rouge 02 is wine industry approved and will bring out the full flavour using a timed motor that will automatically turn itself off when complete, a superb product for the wine enthusiast.