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X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair

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  • Comfortable X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair puts you in the mdidle of the action
  • With Ultra-powered subwoofer located in the back for surround sound gaming
  • Works with all major games consoles, DVD players and audio devices
  • Uses wireless technology to beam sound direct to the gaming chair
  • Padded chair leans back for a more comfortable position
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The X Dream Rocker Gaming Chair is a large, comfortable, great quality Gaming chair with wireless technology, surround sound, and stunning bass.

A recent independent review by T3 Magazine and Website gave the X-Dream Rocker a massive vote of approval. Quotes from the review include the following:

"X-Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair offers premium comfort and unbeatable gaming experience"

"As you'd expect with a gaming chair of this calibre, the included features are nothing short of superb"

"We recommend you invest in two pieces to enjoy multi-player gameplays, but at close to £250 a pop, it will leave a gaping hole in your wallet, and then some. But trust us when we say it's worth it."

If you are looking for the ultimate gaming chair experience the the X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair is the solution. The X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair is a modern robust "fit for purpose" design with a quality breathable brush fabric finish - no need to suffer the sweaty stickiness of a leather seat during a long gaming session! As either a gaming or cinema chair - it provides an immersive seating experience for gaming, movies and music. Designed for the perfect, extreme (but massively comfortable) gaming experience.

With full surround sound, booming bass, smooth, soft, comfortable upholstery and arm rests this Gaming Chair with stand provides the ultimate experience, Why sit on the ground when you can sit comfortably and normally and enjoy your gaming experience. With its amazing wireless technology, two speaker stereo sound, and ultra-powered subwoofer you can completely immerse yourself in your gaming, music, TV and movie watching. Plus the extra soft padding, breathable fabric,strategically placed headrest, extra height stand and the gun arms means you can lounge in this chair for hours with no numb bum, or pin and needles in your legs. You can also recline to your heart's content in this sound chair.

This full sized, interactive Gaming Chair is compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii and all major consoles and handhelds. It's also compatible with TV, DVD, iPad, satellite, CD and most MP3 players. You can connect multiples of these chairs together for a truly immersive experience, and its stereo system with ultra-powered subwoofer allows you to immerse yourself in the action from the beginning.

The booming bass is so huge and the sound is so clear you'll feel like you're literally in the game or movie. Hear every footstep, and feel every crash, punch or gunshot as the built-in stereo speakers and subwoofer sends vibrations right through you. The two full range high performance speakers create a personal surround sound effect to accelerate your gaming to the next level. You can separately adjust the volume and bass to suit your requirements with the twist of a knob. With its wireless technology you can beam the sound from your gaming console, TV, stereo or DVD from up to 25 feet away, so there are no messy wires or cords across the floor.

The X-Dream Rocker is incredibly easy to use. Just connect up your gaming machine, iPod or MP3 player, DVD player, TV, home stereo system or computer and the sound rocker will fill your room with music and sound at the push of a button.


  • Unique padding, upholstery and arm restsThe ultra padded back and base, with super soft breathable material make this a really comfortable gaming chair. The perfectly placed arm rests and head rest mean no more numbness and squirming after hours of gaming duress.
  • Ultra-powered subwoofer, Feel amazing booming bass from an ultra-powered subwoofer located in the back of the X-Dream Rocker. The ultra-powered subwoofer amplifies and intensifies your gaming experience by surrounding you in powerful bass. Every crash, bang and hit is enhanced with the amazing 3 x vibe drive installed into the back of the X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair. 3 vibration units in the back of the chair thump, vibrate and crash in time to the action on the screen! It's the ultimate 'feel-the-action' enhanced feedback device, above and beyond anything else out there. You can adjust the vibration, from a small buzz, to almost bone shatteringly high!
  • Surround Sound, Surround yourself in sound through the two full range high performance speakers. 
  • Compatibility. This Gaming Chair is compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3, PS2, Wii and all major consoles and handhelds. It's also compatible with TV, DVD, satellite, CD and most MP3 players.
  • Wireless technology. With this simple to use wireless unit provided, you can beam the sound from your console, TV, or stereo system direct to the chair. 
  • Reclining feature. The chair has a reclining feature so you can lean back while playing that tense game, watching a movie, or just chilling out. Please note that the chair leans back, but does not lock while reclining.