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X Rocker Pro 4.1

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  • Gaming chair for the real pro-gamer
  • Head and seat mounted audio system
  • Bluetooth connectivity – connect your console or your audio device with ease
  • Tri-motor vibration, granting greater immersion as you game
  • Pedestal mounted faux-leather for added comfort
  • Measures 104cm x 87cm x 63cm 
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Gamers of the worlds: the time has come. Put aside your petty differences. Console gamers, PC gamers, Xbox and Playstation, old skool or latest generation… the time has come to take your rightful place, to step up and show the world that you’re not just a gamer. You’re a Gamer – a Pro. You’re not interested in flashy colours or race-car aesthetics. You’re interested in doing what you do best: gaming. And this, gentle internet shoppers, heroes of our age, is the chair that lets you do that. This is the X Rocker Pro 4.1.

The latest iteration of a classic chair, the Pro 4.1 is sat upon a pedestal that makes it extra comfy to lean around on. It’s chock full of sound equipment that renders the sounds of your gaming experience crisply and cleanly, utterly immersing you in the depths of your game like never before. The 4.1 is equipped with a brand-new Wireless/Bluetooth dual control panel, not to mention a Wireless DAC transmitter. These provide compatibility with a wide variety of audio devices and all the best consoles of the modern day, making it perfect for any gamer’s late-night session or livestreaming marathon.

With other features such as dedicated tri-motor vibration, gun stock-styled arm rests for extra comfort and a beautiful and durable faux-leather finish, this is the gaming chair for the real pros, perfectly designed to fit into the office lounge-space, a professional gaming office, the living room, the parent’s “getting away from the kids” room and just about everywhere else. This is not a chair for just any gamer. This is the chair you deserve. You’ve fought monsters and demons and crazy dudes with guns, you’ve faced down Dark Gods, you’ve stood alongside heroes and made yourselves legends. You are the drivers of the stories of our generation. This is the chair to drive those stories from.

Get to work, pros.