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Top 10 Coolest Fan Merch Gifts for Christmas 2020

26 Nov 2020

fan merch star wars the mandalorian the child mug marvel desk lamp

If you’re looking for some great fan merchandise to give as gifts this Christmas, you’re in luck. Check out our list of the best merch around!

The Best Merch to Gift Fans This Year

Superfans are adults who refuse to grow up. So, come Christmas, toys are top of our wish lists. But, which ones? If you’re navigating the geek world for the first time, you need a guide. And, we have a great guide here for you!

Check out our guide to the best merch to give this Christmas.

  1. Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Mug

star wars the mandalorian the child mug

What’s going on in Baby Yoda’s head at any given time? Thoughts-wise, we can never be sure. But, we can vouch for the cuppa! Yep, you can brew a delicious tea, coffee, or space slime sort of drink and enjoy it right out of this The Child mug!

  1. Microsoft Xbox Logo Light

microsoft xbox logo desk lamp

Made to look just like the light on the Xbox controller, this Xbox Logo Light is a great item for Xbox gamers. It can be wall mounted or used as a free-standing light and is powered by a choice of batteries or USB.

  1. PlayStation Controller Alarm Clock

playstation 4 controller alarm clock

Designed to look just like a PS4 controller, this PlayStation alarm clock is a great gift for PS gamers. It tells the time digitally on its inverted screen and has a built-in alarm clock so you don’t accidentally play through important things.

  1. Harry Potter Wizard's Chess Set

harry potter wizard's chess set

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Play Wizard’s Chess (without the possibility of mutilation) with this magical Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set! It contains 32 pieces, each featuring spellbinding detail, that are based on the Wizard’s Chess pieces from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s an enchanting gift for Potterheads!


  1. Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Shaped Mug

marvel infinity gauntlet shaped mug

Eradicate half of your tiredness with a single sip. That is the power of this Infinity Gauntlet mug! It’s already decked out with all six Infinity Stones, it just needs to be filled with a strong cuppa to snap you awake. It’s a Marvellous gift for Avengers fans.

  1. Marvel Logo Desk Lamp - Only at Menkind!

marvel logo desk lamp

Marvel’s heroes stand up against the powers of darkness. And, so does this Marvel logo desk lamp! Featuring one of the most recognisable brand logos – not just in comics, but in the world – this light is a must-have for Marvel fans. It even has two light modes, being phase on and light pulsing.

  1. PlayStation 4 Controller Mug

playstation 4 controller mug

This PlayStation 4 controller mug is based on (spoiler alert) a PS4 controller, with the controller itself being the handle. It’s sure to give you newfound control over your sipping and the caffeine shock could become a Dual Shock… if you make it strong enough.

  1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Filled Stocking

Harry Potter Hogwarts filled Christmas stocking

Make Christmas even more magical with this Harry Potter Hogwarts stocking! It comes pre-filled with a whole lot of spellbinding goodies, like a letter writing kit, a puzzle, a quiz, gadget decals, and more. It’s sure to enchant Harry Potter fans.

  1. Disney Toy Story Bo Peep Desk Lamp

disney pixar toy story bo peep desk lamp

Toy Story fans will go Buzzerk for this Bo Peep desk lamp! Featuring Little Bo Peep and her sheep, this lamp is great for a desk or a kid’s room. and, it’s made from breakdown plastic, which decomposes if it’s ever thrown away. So, it’s as green as the grass Bo Peep is standing on.

  1. Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup Ticket – Just 9995 Available Worldwide

harry potter quidditch worl cup final silver plated ticket limited to 9995 worldwide

It might not surprise you that tickets to the Quidditch World Cup final are limited. But, did you know how limited? Ready? There are only 9995 of this Quidditch World Cup Ticket available in the whole wizarding world. 

Each ticket is silver-plated and individually numbered, so you know which of the 9995 you have. Plus, you get a display stand so you can show it off!

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