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The Tech Dad

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  1. Touch Table Lamp Black - Grey Background
  2. DJI Osmo Action Camera - Lifestyle
    9% Off sale
    DJI Osmo Action Camera
    Special Price £299.00 was £329.00
  3. Retro Cassette Boombox with Bluetooth
    13% Off sale
    Retro Cassette Boombox with Bluetooth
    Special Price £35.00 was £40.00
  4. Zanci Smart Pen - Grey Background
  5. T900 Speaker
    25% Off sale
    T900 Speaker
    Special Price £30.00 was £40.00
  6. Levitating Globe - Grey Background
  7. La Ferrari - Grey Background
    17% Off sale
    LaFerrari RC Car
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00
  8. Stormtrooper Light Up Powerbank - lifestyle
    19% Off sale
    Stormtrooper Light Up Powerbank
    Special Price £20.25 was £25.00
  9. RED5 Dune Buggy Blue - Grey Background
    29% Off sale
    RED5 Dune Buggy Blue
    Special Price £49.00 was £69.00
  10. Dodow
  11. Whac-A-Mole Mini Arcade Game
    20% Off sale
    Whac-A-Mole Mini Arcade Game
    Special Price £20.00 was £25.00
  12. The C64 Mini
    14% Off sale
    The C64 Mini
    Special Price £59.00 was £69.00
  13. Shiatsu Neck Massager with Arm Loops worn by a man on a grey background
    13% Off sale
    Shiatsu Neck Massager with Arm Loops
    Special Price £35.00 was £40.00
  14. Xbox Logo Light - Lifestyle
    20% Off sale
    Xbox Logo Light
    Special Price £20.00 was £25.00
  15. Percussion Personal Massager-lifestyle
    17% Off sale
    Percussion Personal Massager
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00
  16. Cyclone Speaker 400 Black - grey background
    17% Off sale
    Cyclone Speaker 400 Black
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00
  17. RED5 Waterproof Action Camera
    50% Off sale
    RED5 Waterproof Action Camera
    Special Price £15.00 was £30.00

The tech dad is seriously up to date with the latest tech advancements, and he’s got more gadgets than Batman and James Bond combined. He’s the one who teaches you how to use new apps, and he’s got loads of tech announcements and reviews on his YouTube watch list.

If you’re looking for gifts for dads who like technology, you’ve come to the hub. Here we have tech gifts for dad, gadget gifts for dad, nostalgic gifts for dad, and loads more, making sure he has his fill of tech this Father’s Day!